The plastic free beehive


The components of the hive are not subject to natural deterioration. It doesn’t need maintenance because it is entirely made of aluminum and cork.


The internal structure is covered with cork, which makes it thermally insulated.


The components of the hive make it easy to disassemble allowing perfect clening with these tools: forged lever, pressure washer and common detergents on the market.
The net at the bottom is completely removable.


The hive structure doesn’t fear atmospherical agents, attacks by other animals and substances used to fight varroa.


The materials of which the hive is composed can be easily separated and collected separately and then be 100% recycled.


The external dimensions are similar to those of a Dadant or Langstroth, making it compatible with the accessories on the market (shallow box, queen excluder, crown board and roof).


The presence of a serial number and the possibility of marking the hive with your own apiary code allows to certify the ownership.



The assembly/disassembly operations of the hive are simple, you will only need a screwdriver. All the pieces that compose it are easily replaceable.


CorAl beehive: a home for your bees

We care much about the well-being of bees and the satisfaction of beekeepers! Through careful study, workmanship and attention to detail, we created the CorAl hive: a robust and reliable product for beekeepers, a safe and comfortable home for its bees.

Arnia CorAl is a patented product


The quality of Cor(k)
The advantages of Al(uminium)

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